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Creating stars of the future!

Marquè Talent Studios holds a very unique and substantial nichè in the Townsville region being the only studio to combine a complete performance package of song, dance and drama. There are a variety of singing, dance and drama lesson packages available as well as individual lessons. Marque Talent Studios is also the home of Townsville's fabulous "A Team". Go to the Tuition section for a complete list of singing, dancing and drama lessons that are offered to best suit your child from toddler to teen!

mts singing and dancing


MTS students are available for hire at weddings, corporate functions and community events. Founder Sharon Ransom is the writer of the Children's musical "The Funky Forest"

Our teaching formula is acutely designed to create beautiful, intelligent, confident performers. This, combined with hands on experience will train any potential performer of any age, at any pre-existing standard to achieve above average results in 3 years of consistent training.

Luke Kennedy (the voice) and Trent Bell (the collective) both trained at MTS when they were growing up!



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