Tuition Packages

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Ultimate Performance

By enrolling in all of the below classes it will allow your child to develop the best technique and allow them the opportunity to teach and/or perform at a professional level should they choose.

  • Ballet
  • Tap
  • Modern
  • Voice
  • Song/Dance/Drama

Star Performance

By enrolling in all of the below classes it will allow your child to develop a very high standard of technique and performance.

  • Ballet
  • Tap or Modern
  • Song/Dance/Drama

Fun and Confidence

Self confidence is an important factor in life at school, university and the work place. These classes allow your child to gain the confidence to perform in a public setting without the stress of exams. Students learn how to use their own personality to speak, sing and dance on their own and in a team setting. Some students can choose to enrol in a single syllabus class on its own to achieve the same level of fun and confidence.

  • Song/Dance or
  • Song/Dance/Drama
  • Or Ballet
  • Or Tap
  • Or Jazz

Singing Star

By enrolling in all of the below classes it will allow your child to achieve the highest and most versatile technique with their voice.

  • Voice
  • Musical Theatre
  • Song/Dance/Drama




Ballet RAD - The Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) is a leading International dance examintions board specialising in Classical Ballet. Royal Academy of Dance (R.A.D.) syllabus taught from Pre-Primary to Intermediate Foundations. This is the world’s largest and most recognised Classical Ballet Syllabus.

Toddler Dance - 2- 4 years. Our Toddler dance class is a 1/2hr class perfect for introducing children to the world of dance.  This class is based on the RAD syllabus while being flexible to the needs of the age group.  Parents are encouraged to participate in the class alongside their child when needed.  Our Toddler dance class develops great musical foundations for students to branch out into any of the syllabus classes once they turn 5yrs.

Jazz and Tap FATD - Federal Association of Teachers of Dancing (F.A.T.D.) syllabus taught to students from 3 years to adults. Children will be assigned to their grade according to their age and skill.  Jazz classes incorporate styles from lyrical to hip-hop

Private Dance - Private Dance lessons are available for students to utilise the expertise of our dedicated teachers to choreograph Eisteddfod solos, audition pieces and solo performance preparation.

Private Singing AMEB -Australian Music Examination Board syllabus achieves a very high standard in classical vocal technique.  Students can start training towards their AMEB exams from the age of 12yrs. 

Musical Theatre - Students who show great potential and interest in their singing and acting have the opportunity to extend their skills through the Trinity College syllabus. The class allows students the ability to sit exams and enter musical theatre solos in the local Eisteddfods. Students acquire a wide range of skills and techniques to enable them to execute a wide range of accents, musical theatre genres, characters through song, dialogue and choreography.

Song/Dance - Our song/dance class is a 1hr class where students participate in 1/2hr of pop singing and 1/2hr of pop dancing.  This class is designed to develop great confidence while having lots of fun.

Song/Dance/Drama -

Our song/dance/drama class is a 2hr class where students have the opportunity to work with three different teachers in three different disciplines within the one training session.  Students take a 40min class of pop dance, 40min class of pop singing and 40min class of drama/acting.  This is a complete and comprehensive class for students to become a great all round performer.