Miss Sharon Why North Queensland Performing Arts?

Hi, My name is Sharon Ransom, owner and principal of North Queensland Performing Arts. I created North Queensland Performing Arts, formerly Marquè Talent Studios, in 1996 to fill a gap in the Townsville arts sector. I felt the need to promote our amazing local young talent. Today, NQPA holds a very unique and substantial nichè in the Townsville region. We are the only studio to combine a complete performance package which is designed to create beautiful, intelligent and confident performers.

I have studied the pros and cons of existing talent schools within Australia and North Queensland with a view to develop my own teaching formula. My combination of high teaching standards and hands on experience can train any performer of any age, at any standard, to achieve above average results within 3 years of consistent training. 

North Queensland Performing Arts not only thinks of the students, but the parents as well by taking into account the cost of costumes, offering the lowest prices possible for the diciplines offered, and of course, early bird discounts. North Queensland Performing Arts also handpicks written shows for extra value for money.

We encourage and support a family friendly environment here at NQPA with an open line of communication to parents/caregivers. My contact details are available to parents at any time. North Queensland Performing Arts continually strives to maintain its high standards and exceed expectations. Your comments and opinions are greatly appreciated and valued.

About Sharon

Owner/ Principal
B Mus (Hons)., Dip. Ed., A Mus A

Sharon completed a Bachelor of Music Degree, honours degree and diploma in Education through James Cook University as well a her Associate in Music for Singing through the Australian Music Examination Board.

“I wrote my honours degree studying the pedagogy behind the Contemporary Popular Style of Hi-5 to result in writing an original script and music for a children’s musical called ‘The Funky Forest’.”
Sharon grew up in Townsville studying ballet, violin and piano from an early age.  It was later in Sharon’s early teenage years that her love for singing would develop.
“I found the technique of both classical and modern singing fairly easy to learn and loved it.  I found myself wanting to study, practise and perform voice all day, every day to the point where voice became my main instrument of choice.”

Sharon kept her studies on Violin and Piano through until the end of her year 12 school studies.
“I still play the piano everyday because of my job though I do not have the opportunity to play the violin as much.  Usually every school holidays I will pull out the violin I inherited from my Grandfather who inherited from his Grandfather made in 1813.  It still plays beautifully and I hold it dear to my heart.  I have a 1/16 and ½ size violins so my two youngest children like to play.”
Sharon began her experience in musical theatre at the age of 11yrs where she performed in her first musical ‘Bugsy Malone’.  Sharon went on to perform in at least one musical a year for the next 10 yrs.  Now Sharon finds herself still very involved in the local musical theatre production scene either performing or taking on the vocal direction role.

“All of these experiences have impacted on my vision for the studio.  I have experienced the main elements of entertaining through dance, voice, acting and instruments.  I have always been a student who watches the arts around me in great detail and attached my observations to my own technique and teaching style.  My main passion is to teach the amazing local talent of Townsville how to really entertain using the main elements of performing. ”

“I hand pick my teachers to ensure that they have the experience and passion to train our students to the best of their ability. It is important for me that all of my teachers have the same vision and expectations as myself.  I like my teachers to be studying some form of education at a tertiary level. This keeps our specialist teachers up to date with the latest teaching techniques.”
“To know the movement, melody and lyrics perfectly is only the beginning of learning how to perform and entertain.”

“Here at NQPA we strive to take our students to a deeper understanding and experience of performing.”


MTS Teachers

Miss Sharon - Exam Singing, Eisteddfod Singing, Song/Dance, Song/Dance/Drama
Miss Jill – Tap/Modern/Jazz,
Miss Monique - Ballet
Miss Rebekah - Song/Dance, Song/Dance/Drama, Hip Hop
Miss Belinda - Song/Dance, Song/Dance/Drama
Miss Telissa - Hip Hop